You Spoke. We Listened.

Since 1856, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. has had the pleasure of providing quality solutions for the industries we serve. We are a family business that, at our core, believes the customer is the boss. One of the fundamental jobs that A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. does for our boss is to listen to their needs. Even more important than listening is to have the wherewithal to act on those needs, such as the decision to produce Natural Gas Meter Set Assemblies (MSA), which is an idea that stemmed from one of our own Innovation Summits. Adding this solution to our natural gas product line means that the customer will receive consistent timelines and lead times, along with open communication and customer service from our team to yours.

Demand in the Market

The natural gas distribution market has seen an increase in demand for meter set assemblies due to utilities looking to have consistency in assembly. Meter set assemblies not only provide time savings but also cost savings in labor for utilities. In addition, there’s an added safety factor to meter set assemblies since they are tested prior to being installed. It’s worth pointing out that A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.’s meter set assemblies in particular are tested by an electronic machine, not water tested, thus eliminating human error in the process.

Customer Focused

    -    Consistent lead times    
    -    Quality meter set assemblies    
    -    Pressure testing for safety and quality    
    -    Top notch customer service
    -    All parts under one roof - except regulator
    -    Traceability

Pressure Testing

A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. meter set assemblies are tested electronically, eliminating the chance of water getting in the regulator or initiating rust prior to painting. Each meter set assembly goes through three tests, which include the following steps:
    -     The regulator is pressurized to ensure it is the correct regulator and is set properly.
                    *Not a flowing set point per regulator specification
    -     The inlet of the meter set assembly is pressurized according to the customer’s
                     required specification so leaks can be detected.
                    *We do detect lockup – not at designated pressure
    -     Joints after the regulator are tested to ensure all joints seal well.
    -     The outlet side of the meter set assembly is tested at about 40 psi.

Robotic Painting

A brand new paint line was installed to coat the meter set assemblies. The focus for this new paint line is efficiency, quality paint output, and taking into account the vast volume of meter set assemblies that can be completed.

- Paint Specifications (relates to color and gloss, not to material (paint)):

- Fabrication Paint - 2-part epoxy primer applied by eletrostatic air spray, ANSI 49 gray 2-part Urethane topcoat applied by electrostatic air spray, Approximately 6-10mil total DFT (dry film thickness).

- The paint chosen provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability for this application. Salt spray tests have been performed in order to ensure the protection is acceptable. The paint, along with an efficient process, provides a quality meter set assembly. 

- Coating Test Documents 

 - Salt Spray Test per ASTM B117, measuring failure at 4% rust

- Cleaning specification

- Pipe will be free of chips and debris using a solvent wash per SSPC-SP1 standards

- Protection in paint process (masking, etc.)

- Threads and open ends will be plugged or capped to prevent any paint entering the meter set assembly

- Custom masks will be applied for tags and other areas that need to remain unpainted